Stiel® Planters - by Superline®

For an overview of possible models, please refer to the pictures of the planters in stainless steel.

Smart and versatile
The steel planters in the Superline® collection are dazzlingly beautiful. Their stylish design sets exactly the tone you are looking for without deafeningly screaming for attention. Pioneering, relaxing, inviting and chic: a 100% Dutch design, with certified steel crafted into traditional designs using skills that date back centuries.

Pure craftsmanship
Every planter passes through no less than ten pairs of skilled and experienced hands during the process of cutting, rolling, welding, coating and spray painting.

Here, traditional crafts perfectly combine with modern technology to create a stylish interior and exterior. The result is a perfect planter with a character that will enrich any setting you place it in. It is a high-quality planting solution with a perfect finish that blends in with the atmosphere of its surroundings.

Members of the Superline® family:

Cortenstyle planters

Stiel planters

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